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Our impact in the Universidad Simon Bolivar goes beyond numbers

Rewarding the commitment to teaching

In 2018, 74 members of the Faculty devoted to teaching were recognized with the AlumnUSB Teaching Award. This reassures them that after the students become alumni, it doesn’t matter how far away we are, their teachings will always be with us and we’ll never forget where we came from.

Equipment when and where is most needed

We have donated more than a hundred pieces of equipment that impact the education of thousands of students and improve the workplace for faculty and staff. Each computer, projector, book, or laboratory equipment helps train qualified professionals for Venezuela and the world.

Changing lifes, one future alumni at a time

Our scholarship program assures that low income but high GPA students stay in college and graduate. We have 45 current and past scholarship recipients that can give testimony to the life changing event that was to receive their scholarship from AlumnUSB.

Who we are

We are more than a one time initiative. We are a charity organization registered in the U.S. with more than a hundred volunteers around the globe.

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We are always organizing meetings to network and raise funds all around the world.

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We welcome volunteers all year long. Find out how.


You can make a difference, no matter if you are in Venezuela, in Africa, in Australia or any part of the world.

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